Why Host a Miniatures Wargames Convention?


Well here we are, planning for our third Convention. Time does fly! And frankly, we are starting to get good that this.

Of course TheWarStore cannot take all of the credit. Time has built things up – we have a solid core of local volunteers, plus a growing group of organizers, clubs, gaming groups and even stores that have joined us in putting on a better and better show. These people are putting on some great gaming at some fine looking tables – that is hands down now and we are looking at even more for 2013. Me at the front desk, great gaming in the back, Dorothy working paint and take, a mini TheWarStore on site – things are looking great!

More good news – we moved the venue . I liked the old place, but there are some definite advantages to the new site. The site itself is still close to the major highways of Northern NJ, so that makes it fairly convenient. But the best part is inside the hotel itself – our entire convention – check in, games registration, the store, all night gaming – all will be in one large ballroom. And this site has better pricing on inside the hotel snacks, and more outside the hotel local choices for evening meals and drinks.

I am also thrilled with the help we are getting from around the industry. We have really experienced people putting on tournaments in every area, people who have successfully put on great games and tournaments numerous times before. We also have a lot of help coming in from various companies that want to be in on the gaming and the demoing. We have a lot of small or new companies (as well as some old ones!) running demo games and events. Demo gaming will be an important part of our convention. A convention is a great place to learn a new game! And we have space devoted to open gaming all night, and painting/terrain making instruction. It is really starting to gel, and I hope you can see on these pages – it is growing to be quite the event!

Conventions are also good for the store as it gives us an opportunity to meet our customers, and to really be your online friendly local gaming store, supporting the industry and involved with the participants. But I still haven’t gotten to the personal reasons why I decided to get involved in this project when Steve first brought it to me. Frankly, I just love conventions. I love the vista of beautiful tabletop terrain and wonderfully painted soldiers. I love the gaming, the camaraderie, and the great memories of battles won and lost, epic last stands, all out charges, and tragic defeats. I remember people chanting my name the night my German squad never failed a morale check, no matter the Russian hordes that were brought to bear. I remember the epic charge when my French infantry finally overran the cursed British artillery and led our forces to an impossible victory. I remember when my Samurai Lord committed ‘spectacular suicide’ and routed half the enemy army. I remember when my poor Christian bleeding on the floor of the Coliseum was rescued by the hand of God because of my personal holiness (hot dice). I have held the line at Roarke’s Drift against thousands of Zulus, taken Little Round Top from the 20th Maine at Gettysburg, and cracked Julius Caesar’s vaunted 10th Legion at Aleisia. I have plundered Caribbean towns, broken mighty fortresses, and rescued fair maidens. I may have lost a few times too, but it was always in epic combat, heroically succumbing to overwhelming odds.

At least that is how I remember it.

Why host a miniature wargames convention? Conventions are a hell of a good time. We are planning a hell of a good time for you this October. See you then!